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We are grateful to Ashurst for sponsoring our forage-creation programmme.

Please contact us if you'd like to find out how you can support our education, training and forage-creation projects.


The London Beekeepers' Association (LBKA) represents the interests of beekeepers and urban beekeeping in the central London area (see neighbouring associations). We provide education and advice, promoting responsible bee keeping and raising awareness of the issues affecting bees.

If you live in London and already keep bees, intend to do so or are simply interested in this fascinating hobby, LBKA is the association for you. Even if you don't keep bees, joining us will help support our cause, our campaigns and education programmes.

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How to recognise a swarm and what to do.

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The government has now launched the public consultation on the proposed National Pollinator Strategy, which the BBKA have been heavily involved in the development of. Please consider taking part.

Upcoming events

This event is organised by LBKA.Sunday 3rd August: Monthly meeting: Apiguard and Summer Social
11:00-16:00 at Walworth Garden Farm, Manor Place London, SE17 3BN

How to use Apiguard, followed by our Summer Social with barbecue. Open to members only and family members. Please RSVP with the number of people attending and any dietary requirements.

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21 Jul: @73Wood @friendofhoneyb Splendid stuff!

21 Jul: RT @friendofhoneyb: If you have flowers in your garden we are coming to get them.

20 Jul: Note to self ... never tweet when Countryfile is on. Especially when followed by Antiques Roadshow.

20 Jul: RT @friendofhoneyb: Summer heat? How about sweetening homemade lemonade with honey from your local beekeeper? Just being harvested. http://…

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