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We are grateful to Ashurst for sponsoring our forage-creation programmme.

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The London Beekeepers' Association (LBKA) represents the interests of beekeepers and urban beekeeping in the central London area (see neighbouring associations). We provide education and advice, promoting responsible bee keeping and raising awareness of the issues affecting bees.

If you live in London and already keep bees, intend to do so or are simply interested in this fascinating hobby, LBKA is the association for you. Even if you don't keep bees, joining us will help support our cause, our campaigns and education programmes.

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The government has now launched the public consultation on the proposed National Pollinator Strategy, which the BBKA have been heavily involved in the development of. Please consider taking part.

Upcoming events

Friday 26th - Sunday 28th September: BIBBA 50th Anniversary Conference 2014
All day at The Pavilion, Llangollen, North Wales.

BIBBA are pleased to announce their 50th Anniversary Conference, in collaboration with SICAMM (Societas Internationalis pro Conservatione Apis Melliferae Melliferae) their European partners. It will be hosted by South Clwyd BKA.

The focus is on bee improvement, bee breeding, queen rearing and the management of native and near native honey bees.

Delegates will learn about improving their own stocks of honey bees, whilst enjoying an excellent and varied social programme.

For those wishing to extend their visit, the Llangollen area benefits from stunning scenery, a variety of activities and culture to suit all tastes.

See the programme here.

Monday, 6th October: London Honey Show
18:00-21:00 at Lancaster London Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London, W2 2TY

The London Honey Show is a celebration of bees and beekeeping, with friendly competition between new and experienced beekeepers alike.

The Lancaster London Hotel is organising and hosting this annual event for the fourth consecutive year, with a small £1 entry fee, which will be donated to a bee charity.

This event is organised by LBKA.Sunday 12th October: Monthly meeting: Honey regulation and tasting
11:00-12:00 at Fairley House Junior School, 220 Lambeth Rd, London SE1 7JY
Information about honey regulation and label printing. Followed by a honey tasting event, for which members are invited to bring some of their honey. Followed by chat with coffee and cake. Members only - non-members who'd like to find out more about LBKA can email us.

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Recent tweets from @LondonBeeKeeper

Tweets by Mark Patterson (Forage Officer) and Angela Woods (Secretary).

19 Sep: Ahem .... should we let Joe Swift off for calling a beesuit a onesie on tonight's Gardener's World?

17 Sep: If your bees are bringing in bright yellow pollen it could be this flower: Cosmos, excellent late Sumer forage plant

17 Sep: Hornet hoverfly Vollucela zonaria. Harmless to bees even though they look like hornets.

17 Sep: Wasp & bee fight at hive entrance. Wasps will raid larvae & honey. Stunning image by Chris Robbins @igpoty

17 Sep: Oldest beehives found dating from 1446? Found during rennovations of Rosslyn Chapel

16 Sep: RT @friendofhoneyb: Newest FoHB support @jubholland donates from sales of fab Spring Bulb Mix available BBKA shop ht…

15 Sep: National Bee Unit information on small hive beetle.

15 Sep: @LondonBeeKeeper Depressing isn't it?

15 Sep: Beekeepers ALERT: Small hive beetle makes it to mainland Europe. Another grave threat to bees.

15 Sep: RT @Luxe_PR: @LondonBeeKeeper London Honey Show will be held @lancasterlondon 6-9pm, 6 Oct 2014. #LondonHoneyShow #L…

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