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The London Beekeepers' Association (LBKA) represents the interests of beekeepers and urban beekeeping in the central London area (see neighbouring associations). We provide education and advice, promoting responsible bee keeping and raising awareness of the issues affecting bees.

If you live in London and already keep bees, intend to do so or are simply interested in this fascinating hobby, LBKA is the association for you. Even if you don't keep bees, joining us will help support our cause, our campaigns and education programmes.

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This event is organised by LBKA.Sunday 14th June: Monthly meeting: Queen rearing for the small scale beekeeper
11:00-12:00 at Fairley House Junior School, 220 Lambeth Rd, London SE1 7JY
How to rear queens... and other topics. Non-members are welcome to come and find out more about LBKA.

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Recent tweets from @LondonBeeKeeper

Tweets by Mark Patterson (Forage Officer) and Angela Woods.

23 May: @qu0ins they are tree bumble bees not honey bees. There colonies only last 2-3 months they will be gone by mid summer

19 May: @g_taylor409 they have been given extra space in addition to covering holes in crown board. It was an inexperienced keepers hive.

18 May: These bees decided the their nest didn't stop at the crown board- must remember to insert porter bee escapes!

17 May: At this time of year the bees are constantly trying to catch us out. Lots of queen cells as a hive prepares to swarm

17 May: @pitchiri Essex federation of beekeepers cover that area more than we do

17 May: @pitchiri course is really essential unless your close to some one with experience who can take you under their wing. No short cuts afraid!

16 May: We've recently by invitation taken over the apiary at Holland Park which will be our new west London teaching apiary. @Hollandparkbees

16 May: @KraigieAdare these are hives we recently took over @Hollandparkbees. They will be extracted and cleaned up before going back to bee

16 May: RT @Hollandparkbees: Peacocks enjoying some uncapped drone brood today

16 May: RT @Hollandparkbees: Lots of brick red pollen in the hives today which comes from the parks horse chestnut trees

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